Home FBI Agent Adam Quirk: An FBI Agent Who Has Received Accolades For Great Service

Adam Quirk: An FBI Agent Who Has Received Accolades For Great Service

Adam Quirk: An FBI Agent Who Has Received Accolades For Great Service

Being a highly accomplished criminal justice professional and defense personality, after completion of his job tenure at USIS, Adam Quirk joined the world’s largest investigation agency the Federal Bureau of Investigation or IFB in the position of Criminal Investigator. Here, it should be said that Mr. Adam is one of the few American criminal justice professionals who have served the majority of departments under the system. The award winning personality worked for departments like criminal investigations, background checks, security services and management, drug diversion, crime investigation and more. He worked under various state jurisdictions and moved throughout the country for serving his nation.

What More Do You Need to Know? Adam Quirk Might Help

As per judgment of the insightful FBI personality that basically FBI agents are core group of enforcement officers whose key responsibility is investigation pertaining to dissimilar criminal activities at the federal level. While the hiring process of FBI is extremely hard-hitting, those who are selected through detailed interview and background check process are offered 20 weeks long intensive training course at the FBI Academies. These academies are located in Quantico and Virginia in United States. According to Mr. Adam for candidates dream to become a part of FBI team should possess certain common characteristics that makes them beyond the average.

Personal Qualities

Showcasing a series of personal qualities like honesty, punctuality, deep sense of time management, responsibility, fast judgment ability and go-getting attitude is a must for a potential candidate. The prospective agents must go through a variety of especially designed test procedures apart from background check that ensure they have these special qualities in them. Understanding the core value of maintaining integrity in their activities and sticking to the ethics not only in the training period but beyond that is essential for them.



Since, FBI agents typically remain involved in different investigation activities of complex and many-sided crimes, a high degree of intelligence, presence of mind and ability to reasoning are must have skills for them. They should exhibit high personal sensing power and decision making prowess as many times they require supporting their team from an isolated area. Apart from having a bachelor’s degree with professional background they should be strong in computer science, information technology, language, laws, and accounts. They should be abreast with newest technologies, electronic devices and mechanisms.

Physical Fitness

The FBI agent’s tasks are also physically demanding, and therefore, peak level of physical fitness, reasonable muscle power, hard-working ability and familiarity with extensive travel oriented assignments is important. They should have healthy vision power and hearing ability. A thorough medical check process is also organized to determine physical fitness level of FBI agents during the interview process.

Team players

Since the majority of operations are planned in a team, naturally every agent is dependent on one another. Their ability, willingness and understanding of individual jobs are crucial to let the chain work successfully. Adam Quirk FBI says that bonding with newcomers, receiving right support from seniors or instructors and reciprocating their advice and guidelines in the right manner with full responsibility is the key to success in the operations.


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