It is quite difficult to imagine summers without shorts. Both men and women of different age groups wear shorts of varied styles. Athletics has been gaining popularity in the recent past and so is the craze for yoga and other exercises. We all need a piece of clothing which feels comfortable and we can forget all our worries after wearing that piece. Shorts are one such apparel which is owned by almost every person, whether male or female.

Read this detailed article which gives a comprehensive guidance about what shoes to wear with which type of shorts.

 A few questions that might be running in your mind can be can I wear sandals with shorts? Are these shoes smart enough to go with the shorts? Is this the latest trend? The answer to all this confusion lies in this post.

  1. Cargo Shorts – If you are wearing cargo shorts, then sandals will look best on you. There are a variety of cargo shorts available on, Jabong and Myntra. You can get the latest styles here. The cargo shorts are characterized by a loose fit and multiple pockets. You should aim to achieve the same comfort with the footwear also. Therefore, nothing better than sandals. Sandals will give a cool look along with your cargo shorts. Generally, the sandals come in black, brown, green, and other rugged colours for men. For women, a wide variety of colourful flip flops and floaters will do the chore.long-sleeve-shirt-shorts-tassel-loafers-original-2865
  2. Denim Shorts – Whenever you are heading for a holiday in summers denim shorts are the first thing that comes to your mind. Remember that denim shorts are a casual style. So your footwear should also match this style. Keep it a low key affair and go for the trendy sneakers or canvas trainers. So the bottom-line is that casual footwear will be the best choice to pair with the denim shorts. If you plan to wear denims to the beach, you can even choose to wear comfy flip flops. There are better options for women who can even wear wedged sandals or flip flops with the denim shorts.
  3. Tailored Shorts – These shorts are the smart and versatile option to formal wear in warm weathers when men find it difficult to wear their trousers. These shorts smarten you at your workplace. So the shoes also match that smart style. You can choose to wear streamlined loafers or if it is too hot and you think that wearing shoes would be difficult for you the try leather flip flops or sandals. You can even go for Derbies and Oxfords. The bottom line being that you should not be wearing socks beneath the shoes. So just go sockless with your tailored shorts.
  4. Swim Shorts – Usually, men do not pay much attention on what to wear along with their swim shorts. But what if you need to head to a bar or to a café for snacking? You’ll have to be little conscious about you are wearing. If you are going to a beach or pool, then obviously your flip flops or sandals will do the trick for you. On the other hand, if you need something more supportive to walk on a rough ground then it is advisable to wear your canvas shoes or the tennis sneakers.

As long as you remember the points stated above choosing the right footwear along with the shorts should not be a difficult task for you. Browse a wide range of styles on Amazon, Myntra and and you’ll find shorts and shoes for almost all the occasions.


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