The technological advancement in the past few years has brought enormous benefit in the life of humans in every field. One such field where the use of technology is a great hit and has a huge impact is in the field of education. Education is prime important for everyone, as it helps every individual to develop to their full potential, providing name and fame to everyone.

 Using the technology in learning includes digital devices, such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. that are portable in nature and can be used from any place, allowing users to enhance their learning skills. In the current days, the use of technology for learning is common to everyone, especially for CBSE class 10 students as various basic topics are taught in this class.

 Let us have a look at the various benefits that technology has in the learning process.

(i) Visualization- Digital learning is backed up by the visual means of learning. One can easily learn various concepts with the help of videos or images. As videos help to clearly understand the actual process carried out in the learning, this type of learning gives an advantage in giving a clear picture and provides an in-depth knowledge of the concepts.

(ii) Flexibility- Schools, and colleges have a fixed timing and one needs to attend a lecture at a predefined time. On the other hand, digital devices are flexible in nature which allows the students to easily study from these devices at any time, from anywhere and according to their own will.

(iii) A personalized learning experience- It is a well-known fact that every student has a different pace of learning. Thus, it is crucial for everyone to have a personal learning tool in order to study according to their own pace and style. Many a time it can happen that if one student finds a topic to be difficult, other can find it to be really easy. Study according to their own pace and style. Many a time it can happen that if one student finds a topic to be difficult, other can find it to be really easy. Thus, both need to invest a different amount of time for the different topics, where a personalized learning tool plays an important role.

(iv) Portability and ease of use- Most of the digital devices are compact in nature and thus, can be easily carried by the users. This allows the user to learn various concept during the time of travel or even at their leisure time. Along with this, it is extremely simple and easy to use these devices for learning.

Thus we see the importance of technology in learning and how it plays an important role in gaining the in-depth knowledge of various concepts. It is extremely important for the CBSE Class 9 or class 10 students to study through these digital devices as it helps in building up the foundation knowledge and conceptual understanding, which will be beneficial in higher education.

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