When it comes to engineering, we think IIT or when it is about management we think IIM. Just the same way when it comes to designing, NID and NIFT are the top choices. If one has decided to make a career out of designing, it should be from either of these institutes. There are some strong reasons that drive the aspirants to go for these institutes. The reputation, facilities and a global platform are some of the factors that can help one get the future career shaped at a very early stage of the education in these institutes.

If still unsure here are the top reasons to choose NID or NIFT when it comes to getting a degree in design.

  1. Reputed

They have both attained a reputation for themselves by providing good quality education and a degree which ensures a bright future. NID is a government institution and is the top design institute not only in India, but it even stands at the 30th spot amongst the top designing institutes in the world. NID is an institute which is strongly connected to Indian Industry. The students of the institute even get opportunities to work on company projects while pursuing their designing course here. As per the latest news, NID is all set to launch a Master’s program in design which will be in collaboration with one of the top A-league institutes of the world, Stanford.

  1. Getting in is not that easy

The best things in life are hard to accomplish, and so is the case with these top designing institutes. Their entrance exams are quite difficult to crack. However, coaching for NID entrance in Delhi and other major cities in India is available nowadays to make this entry a little easier. NIFT entrance preparation can also be availed at coaching institutes and classes which provide classes for such designing entrance exams.

NIFT for Designing

  1. Good faculty:

The faculty here is experienced, skilled and the best when it comes to designing. From industrial designing for commercial as well as personalized designs, these people know the ifs, buts, and how’s of all kinds of designing that can help one in different fields.

  1. Assures a future:

One look at their alumni itself should be enough to impress even a novice in designing. Most of the alumni are at the top of their professions currently so that in itself proves the track record of these institutes. Both the institutes assure a good and even a great future through their campus placement. If not through campus placement, one is assured of a good career path once the name of these institutes get on the CV and the degree gets into one’s hand.

  1. Well-established:

NID was established in 1961 A.D, and NIFT has been around for 28 years now. The sheer number of years that these institutes since these institutes have been providing designing course should be enough to tell one that they know what they are doing and are the best at what they do.


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