Learning different languages especially the foreign ones at the school level is surely and certainly beneficial in the later years of life and must be carried out for sure. Nowadays, it has become a trend among the schools to impart foreign language studies to the interested students in the primary years. The sole and whole reason behind the same is that students in their early years are more receptive and open to learn something different from their curriculum and apart from the regular studies. With this learning, they tend to be aware about the culture of a particular country or state, helping them professionally in the later years of life and adding something good to their resume.

Students as well as the parents and even the teachers at time are little confused with the learning of a foreign language at such an early age. So the question that crops up in the mind is “what is the main use and major objective of learning a foreign language and that too so early in the life?” Is the passion of the interested parties of some good use or must be repented at a later stage in the life?”

It is a well known fact that children tend to learn much faster in comparison to anyone else and the reason behind the same could be their capacity to absorb the facts much faster and put their mind on the vocabulary being taught. They are inquisitive to learn new things and are more interested as compared to the older kids who lack in this area or preference. Language learning at primary level is very much simpler because a single teacher is supposed to handle a particular section for the whole year round and thus can help the students in a much better way to grasp the nuances of the foreign language being talked about.

Ines Cano And Her Ardent Views On Learning A Foreign Language At The Primary School Level

Ines Cano Uribe is a clinical psychologist in the making and a language teacher or trainer to the above mentioned interested students. In fact she is a certified language teacher making the base of many students in Spanish and English and giving them a totally new opportunity to explore them and be a completely different person in the later years of the life.

Thus, primary school level teaching is of a kind, which can adjust any form of learning for the young learner and thus make a lifetime impact on the interested students. The overall environment is very much positive and likely for the students learning a foreign language as well as the teacher teaching the same.

Learning a foreign language will definitely help the interested students in the future and that goes without a saying. They tend to get more information in comparison to the students just learning the basic languages. As per Ines Cano, learning a foreign language would contribute in learning the culture of a particular location – be it a country or a state. It will definitely open the doors for the interested students and make them stand on their own feet within no time and with much less efforts.


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