For someone who is preparing in the best of ways possible for an approaching exam, computer-based classes were the best option until recently. With the innovations in smartphone technology, mobile devices have been showing a major significance in this sector as an educational platform to help students with their studies. Be it a topic like eutrophication, smartphones are coming up with innovative techniques for a better understanding and visualizing of the topic. Let us see how exactly mobile technology can help students to prepare for their exam preparation compared to our conventional methods of learning.

  • Accessibility: Nowadays, literally everyone has access to a smartphone. Owing to its small size and broad capabilities, anyone who wishes to study can use a mobile device wherever the person might be given it be daily commuting or even running on a treadmill. Thus making education and learning accessible to everyone, everywhere, at any time.
  • Easier Memorizing: With 3D animation integrated audio-video content and classes being available on mobile devices, the student’s brain is able to recall the visual content much easier when compared to the same topic which is read on paper. Consider the example of watching a movie over reading something in the newspaper, you will be able to understand the topic and retain the memory longer in the former much better than the latter.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

  • Engaging content: Unlike our conventional textbook methods with 2D images and dragging theory, what mobile devices bring to the table is an interesting and engaging way of learning and understanding which can keep students hooked on the subject. With more interactive audio-video based content being offered to students, it helps them to see and understand what they otherwise would have had to visualize with their imagination what they understood from the 2D images and explanations from their textbooks.
  • New age evaluation methods: With the current technology available, the whole concept of exams can be revitalized. Not being limited to just pen and paper anymore, a simple test can be made much more relative to a real-life scenario. Thus vastly improving the student’s analytical and problem-solving skills. Also, some applications offer adaptive learning as a feature, wherein the difficulty of the test varies according to the student’s caliber.
  • Global collaboration: With the internet’s involvement in all of this, with online blogs and forums, students can come together collectively to discuss any topic with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Thus, the points stated above signify the obvious, how smartphone technology can be used for effective exam preparation. To get an idea how the current technology available is changing the way students learn topics of chemistry, physics, biology or maths, check out this YouTube channel-



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