If you are looking forward to moving to Saudi Arabia to grab the better employment opportunities, then there is no dearth of jobs in Saudi Arabia to choose from.  A number of industries are available out there to provide you with the wide range of opportunities. And those industries include IT, banking, telecommunications, healthcare, education, tourism, and engineering etc. When you are in this country for building a meaningful career, it will not be easy for you to find the good employment because a candidate could not land the job straight after university. The main reason for this challenge is that the most of the job vacancies get filled by the citizen of Saudi Arabia. And this is due to the focus of the country on Saudization which is a drive to increase national employment rates.

But still, there would be some chances to get employed in this country. And those best chances are to get a job with an international company which has their offices in Saudi Arabia. Once you have all the required specialist skills and knowledge, it would be a little easy for you to get employed here. When talking about the skills, your ability to speak Arabic can increase the chances of getting many offers for the good jobs.  If you want to get some details of the job market of Saudi Arab, then there are some details available you should go through.

List of the leading employers

  • Saudi Telecom Company
  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
  • Mobily
  • SABB

International companies which have their offices in Saudi Arabia

  • British Multinational Defence, Security, and Aerospace Company
  • Ernst & Young
  • The International Business Machines Corporations
  • Morgan
  • Nestle
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Schlumberger
  • Siemens

Where to find the good jobs

When you have the significant knowledge regarding the employers and opportunities in this Arab country, you can begin your job search by using a number of reliable sources. Newspapers, magazines, networking etc. can lead you to grab the excellent opportunity matching your requirements. But if you need a source that can provide you with the best-suited results in the least possible time, then the online job portals cab be the most convenient and organized way for your employment hunt. There are some leading websites such as Monster Gulf, AlJazeera Jobs, Bayt, and Gulf Talent you can sign up on. They will offer you the greatest coverage of jobs within the shorter time period.

Resume, application, and interview tips to land a good job in Saudi Arabia

While creating a resume, you should keep in mind that some employers in this country may request for more personal details such as Marital Status, number of children you have, and religion etc. Moreover, it is considered that you may have to submit your application in Arabic. So, be prepared with the understanding of this particular language.

When it comes to the interview to land one of the good Jobs in Saudi Arabia, it will be imperative to focus on your skills, experience, and qualifications. And they can even ask why you want to work in Saudi Arabia.

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