Why waste time in needless and rubbish errands to get the job done when there is nothing simpler than to have someone else do all the running for you and then reward those for their services rendered? It is that simple in this world and you can bet that anything in the world has the way to make things easier for each other and we just have to find it. in the modern day and age no one has the time to do anything these and we need to allocate time in our so called busy schedule to even think about various things and plan excursions to places that are already all around us and encroach ourselves in needless selfies and call it ‘amidst nature, a well needed break’ or something like that. How can we expect people to have the time to do all these things when they are backed up with everything to do?

The problem is people do not delegate their work, they set ridiculous standards for themselves and expect to have superhuman capacity to do it all. Take a student for example, who would want to get their paper or thesis reviewed, they would do everything themselves instead of simply going to and just uploading their paper. It is that simple of a task and it is somehow misinterpreted and then made into a taboo is people just want to delegate a little work.

The Ideal Life

In a life that has been given to each and every one of us, it is a very short one and it si filled with a rat race half of the years and then the other half is spent on regretting how we wasted the first half of our lives. As we grow older we tend to not need the experience and the knowledge due to the obvious age. So we should be giving time for important things and the only way to do that is to delegate our work to people who can do it without regret in their minds and if not better. Do you need your paper reviewed, simple go to and upload your paper, thesis, or any other article that would make your work a lot easier and more time for other things.


In essence, there are things that we should be doing on our own and there are things that we should be delegating and it is up to us to choose what to do.


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