According to the statistics,more than 70 percent companies conduct aptitude test to identify the right talent. The aptitude test allows the organization to understand the character and technical ability of the candidates. As far as companies are concerned, they want to hire the resource who can provide his/her services for the financial growth of the enterprise. They consider candidates actual want as a secondary option. The recruitment process is designed in such a way to identify the resource who can contribute to the company’s success and hence his growth. It is immaterial about how one prepares for an interview, but how they perform is important.

Hence recruitment team will reach out in all possible ways to find the right fit. They also implement several strategies to bring on board the ideal candidate. Even though several stages of the interview can filter the right candidate, an aptitude test will help to shortlist the candidate on various criteria in the most cost effective way.


What Does An Aptitude Test Cover?

One must know oneself to showcase their talents. A banking aptitude test enables a recruiter to understand the actual calibre of a candidate. Unlike interview where applicants can manipulate information based on the situation, an aptitude test will work in many areas, and manipulation may not be possible. Thus a recruiter can identify the right resource by clearly understanding the strength and weakness of the candidate.  Online aptitude test covers evaluating the major areas including accuracy, speed, mechanical capability, general knowledge, number skills, verbal ability, abstract and logical reasoning. Conducting any one or many different types of aptitude test can help know the required qualities for that position.

Need for Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is conducted for a broad range of purposes and gets monitored by different stakeholders at variouslevels. For example, a teacher uses the aptitude test to identify the potential of the students. Few test conducted for educational purposes include DAT, ACT, SAT and much more.

Banks conduct aptitude test to know the clerical skill of the applicant. They prefer using DAT (Differential Aptitude Test).Many different tests are designed to find people with the various skills for variousroles in the organization. Few questions are designed in such a way to know the people management skill, team working ability, intellectual capacity and much more.

Aptitude test explains not only the ability of the candidate but also the personality such as their attitude, willingness to work extra mile, patience, etc.

Aptitude test helps the banks to recruit the right resource for their existing vacancy. You must know the goal of your organization and make use of the excellent assessment tool to hire the right talent. Role of a recruiter in any bank is larger. They must make efficient use of the aptitude test to identify the right talent.  Your bank might have many open positions. You must know the skill requirement of each post to administer the right test to them.

After knowing all the tips andwhat will an aptitude test will cover, make the wise decision and choose the right tool.  Know what all skills must be checked for the respective position and get the right aptitude test designed for your organization.


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