Life is easier when you don’t have to scrape ice from your windshield on a snowy day when you are parked by the roadside. Clear ice and snow from your wipers with Crystal Clear Blades automatic heated wiper blades.

As much as winter wiper blades come in handy for maintaining proper vision when driving, they actually do not function when your car’s engine is not running.  Your radiator fluid or antifreeze is responsible for a smooth engine performance at this season of the year.  Both the winter wiper blades and the engine fluids need to be able to hold out the temperatures.

Importance of Antifreeze

A combination of water and ethylene or propylene glycol, anti freeze is a very important liquid required by every vehicle during winter season; as it aids in preventing water from freezing. It the freezing point and increasing the boiling point.

The merits of antifreeze include;

  1. It regulates the temperature of the water and prevents your vehicle from overheating.
  2. It forestalls serious radiator or engine troubles by preventing the water from freezing in the radiator.
  3. It also aids in fending off rust from the engine and heater components.

Is Antifreeze Doing Its Job?

Winter Wiper Blades - Top Winter Priorities  1

Problems with defective wiper blades are apparent and easier to detect unlike that of the antifreeze. It is safer carry out frequent routine checks on your fluid levels. Once you visit the gas station, it is essential to do a quick check on your fluid levels and fill up once it is below required level.

To avoid having a cracked engine or a blown gasket, the above should not be taken for granted. Moreover dirt or discoloration in your antifreeze may indicate a calls for coolant system flush.

Regular Maintenance

It is required that the coolant be replaced annually. Antifreeze with a higher freezing point used during the summer should be drained off and replaced with one with lower freezing point to enable your liquid hold up in winter. Draining can be done by a good auto care shop or by yourself. All you need do is remove the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator and allowing it flow into a bowl.

However, it is important to flush out the entire coolant system every two years and not just changing the antifreeze. This ascertains that all old fluid is completely drained out and that every rust or dirt is eliminated. Debris accumulation reduces the effectiveness of the antifreeze and draining alone won’t give a perfect result.

Winter Wiper Blades for Clearer Visibility

Using premium fluids and durable parts for your vehicle can save you the troubles of vehicle damage and early replacement. This saves you stress and cost in the long run. It is important to check your wiper blades anytime you check for your antifreeze or other liquids. This helps you to detect when it needs replacement. Unlike the regular wipers, winter wiper blades are designed to withstand the winter season which is just perfect.


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