To help make your import/export business a real success, it is important to work with a professional freight shipping company. You can certainly find a number of shippers, but they may not be offering the kind of service you need. However, it is a good idea to opt for ocean freight shipping when you want to send large shipments. In case of ocean freight and international shipping, you should avoid the following three mistakes.

Not Timing a Shipment Carefully

Just like for everything else, timing is exceptionally important for a shipment. Mistiming an import or export can hurt you in more ways than you can imagine. So many people do not pay attention to when to schedule a shipment, and this happens mainly when they want to ship something fast. A common problem is that many shippers talk to a company and get a freight rate quote. Then, they wait for a few days and try to use the same rate to set up the shipment only to find that their quote has expired.


 While air freight is probably the best option for international shipping, ocean freight shipping is better if you want to save some money too. Moreover, you should be opting for ocean freight shipping for large shipments, but it is important to consider time for loading, terminal cutoffs, and transit to and from terminals/ports to get a better idea about when to schedule your shipment.

To avoid this mistake, you should research shipping times in advance. For this, you can use the Internet. Online research will help get an idea about how long it is going to take to import or export from your selected location. You can also call a freight forwarder to get a better idea about shipping times. Moreover, it is important to get a freight rate quote within 30 days of your shipment date. Keep in mind that ocean freight shipping rates are quite volatile these days, so most rates may stay valid for no more than a month.

Not Getting Your Goods Insured

This is another mistake that new shippers make. While ocean freight shipping is a reliable way to send shipments, there is always a chance of getting your goods damaged during transit. Other issues, such as modern piracy, ship crashes, and change in temperatures during transit can lead to serious losses. Therefore, it is of immense importance to take advantage of cargo insurance. Some people understand the importance of getting their goods insured but they do not know how to do it properly. Improperly insured goods can also make you go through a lot of hassle once your shipment is damaged or stolen.

Therefore, you should spend some time learning about your insurance options and learn about different types of options available for different goods. You should also discuss your insurance options with your shipping company or freight forward to help make a better decision.

These are the most common international shipping mistakes that can cost you in many ways. So, be sure to avoid making these common mistakes to help ocean freight shipping work in your favour.


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