Professional networking events provide people from different backgrounds to exchange their thoughts on topics of common interest. Events like this not only allow them to reach a wider audience but also help them to contribute to developing a better future.

Earlier, seminars were the events hosting intellectuals and aspirants from commercial, academic, and social circles. But as modern technology changed most of the things, the innovative version of the seminar emerged as a webinar. Webinars are online events where participants engage in a purposeful discussion using the latest technology.

Though both have similar objectives of sharing views with the participants, they have stark differences at the audience engagement level. Here, we will explore the usability of seminars and webinars as interactive platforms for professional networking.

Seminar vs. Webinar

Team-building- By encouraging communication and cooperation among participants, seminars prove to be a perfect place for team-building activities.

Since webinars take place in an online space, it is nearly impossible to ask participants to reach out to other attendees with the assistance they need.

Professional networking- Most people prefer to go to the seminars for developing professional relationships with like-minded people and get to know each other’s professional journey and goals.

Webinars, on the other hand, provide very little time to interact with fellow participants due to many reasons, such as a shortage of time and a virtual setting.

Real-time communication- The physical presence of participants at seminars allows the host to communicate with the audience in real-time. But this communication can be short and limited if there are more attendees.

The limited number of participants in webinars enables the presenter to indulge in one-on-one discussions more easily.

Live training sessions- Many seminars feature live training sessions on relevant topics so that participants can express themselves and learn more about the subject from experts.

Because of its online nature, there is little to no possibility of holding a training session or workshop in webinars.

Focused environment- Seminars create a more focused environment for participants by inviting them in a specified place, letting them to pay more attention to the materials presented or the lecture delivered.

The amount of distraction while attending webinars is higher because participants attend it from the place of their choice.

Audience reach-Seminars are ticked-events with limited space that restrict entry to few people, while webinars are mostly free and accessible to people from all parts of the world, giving them a wider reach.

The concept of a webinar is well-suited for those who cannot afford the seminar ticket or attend it for some reason. On the technology front, both types of events use dedicated media tools to power the presentations. But as far as interaction is concerned, the seminars overtake online events due to its more realistic and practical setting.