What is ICO?

The initial supply of currencies (ICO) is that it offers potential investors the opportunity to invest in the company’s future. As a rule, the level of tokens is sold to OIC members, and the fee for the requirements is maintained. This year a large number of productive ICO stories have been transmitted. The inspiration for adventure is obvious. The inspiration for ICO investors is that the cost of the token will be greater than the cost of the token during the ICO. The ICO coin to invest in 2018 allows speculators of all shapes and sizes to subsidize activities they like.

Why should you invest in ICO?

Among cryptographic speculators, ICO is extremely hot. Recently, barrel package have collected incredible measures in the amount of $ 258 and $ 275 million. The implementation of ICO is influenced by numerous angles. Investors should keep in mind the following key components, which are described below.

coin to invest in 2018

1. Equipment configuration

Discover all that relates to equipment, in particular, the progression team and warning panel. Find each team member to get a meaningful experience. Google their names. Visit their LinkedIn profiles. See if the team has encryption experience and, more importantly, which tasks or ICOs were included and what effect they had.

2. Evaluate the project phases.

Rate the project phase. Do you have only white paper? Beta option? Is there an article with limited utility? Rely on companies that have “a few lines” of the labor code, however, perhaps many ICOs have shown that they can move on to become examples of overcoming adversity without complicated code.

3. Why do they need a token?

ICO means the formation of another allocated token for the project. One of the most important requests that each task must answer is: what is the token used for? ICO cannot be an ICO without a mandatory token. You need to request a comparable request regarding the use of moving the block chain behind the project.

4. The value of white paper.

Most investors really do not read the article completely, although it contains all the important data about the next project and the ICO. The white paper is a silver tray for potential investors. After reading you will be able to answer any question related to the project.

5. Make sure your investment is safe.

ICO will lead to a “standard” increase as a method of increasing assets. There will be many tasks for review. Subsequently, it would be much more difficult to evaluate these projects.


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