The Chief Financial Officer directly reports to the Board of Directors of a particular Company in regards to the accounting and financial matters. In order to make sure that the company has a proper financial structure it is important for the Chief Financial Officer to ensure that the company follows the procedures, the policies and processes related to all financial matters.


If you are interested to get some knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer then you can go through the discussion given below:

  • The first and the most important function of the CFO or the Chief Financial Officer are to ensure that there is a proper cash flow maintained throughout the organization. It is important that you understand the uses and the sources of the cash. It is also important that proper integrity is maintained in terms of securities, valuable documents and funds. It is said that “Cash is the King” and the most important job of the CFO is to maintain the cash flow of a particular company.
  • The next important function of the CFO is to know about the liabilities of a particular company. Most big organizations have tax obligations, legal contracts, leases and contingencies. As the CFO you are the one responsible to take care of all such company liabilities.
  • The CFO is the one who creates certain metrics like the balanced score card, financial statement ratio analysis, the dashboard etc. with the help of which the financial performance of the company is judged.
  • In the small organizations the CFO is the head of the HR, IT, Financing and Accounts; however in the bigger organizations the CFO is only responsible for the financial and the Accounting functions.
  • The CFO of a Company is the one who communicates with the Financial Analysts, the Investment Bankers and the Share Holders. He is the one to take decisions regarding the investments of the company along with its borrowings. The source of the capital for the particular organization is also decided by the Chief Financial Officer.
  • He is also the one who takes care of the budgeting.

Thus the CFO has a number of important job responsibilities and Steve Silvers Empire Today has served as the CFO of a reputed organization for a number of years. He has been working with Empire Today from the year 1997 to 2003. He has successfully started the operations of 12 regional distribution centers. He has also successfully developed and led down many operational strategies which have helped the company to enter into new fields of operation.

Apart from this, Steve Silvers Empire Today has also successfully handled the budgeting of a particular company and tried to find out different ways to help the organization grow. He has ensured that the company that he works for is able to grow in leaps and bounds. He is extremely passionate about his work and tries to put in his best in whichever field he works.


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