Motor oil- people generally use regular oil in small motor equipment, but there are better options. There is a difference between regular oil and small engine oil. Engine oils also provide protection meant for the condition. The lawn equipment sits for several days without working then directly goes into something dirty environments so a high quality engine oil, which has a good strength and which is able to clean the dirt is used to keep the equipment running for years. There is a good wide range of Amsoil products which you can choose for small engines with the criteria you require.

Two stroke engine oil

These are found in small lawn equipment’s like weed whackers and chain saws. It has a different lubrication system. In this type, the oil is mixed with the fuel and it lubricates the engine as it is passed through. The oil is also burned with the fuel. As the oil and fuel are mixed together, there should be a fixed ratio of oil and fuel. amsoil dealer has the knowledge of the benefits of high quality of oil. You should know when to change the engine oil so the machine runs smooth. If the engine is brand new you should change it in the first few hours of use. Once it is regularly used, you should change it after every 25 hours of use.

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Factors that impact types of oils

The factors such as mowing wet/ muddy grass, the amount of dirt and dust collected by the machine also depends or changes the oil change frequency. You should also check your oil before use. The mower should come with a dipstick to check your oil with. If the mower has not been used for a long period of time you should change your oil even if you think it might not be necessary. The oils are ideal for operation in warmer environments. If you even live in a colder area you have to wake to get the machines warm again. If you think it is necessary to use oil, which is used for cold temperature.




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