There is a huge market out there for car and automotive spare parts, an industry component with a value that possibly surpasses the total value of the new and used car segment itself. It’s an industry in which millions of businesses thrive on selling and replacing vehicle parts that are worn out, damaged, inefficient and sometimes as alternatives or as an upgrade to older technology for better efficiency. Auto manufacturers in any case need to ensure good availability of spares through the production life span of their car models for sustainability and mandatorily for a certain time such as the warranty periods of these vehicles.

That is one of the reasons why many companies you will notice issue an end of support statement periodically for products that are phased out or no more in production. This raises the issue of availability of spares for cars that are out of production. In certain cases, the production of car parts for a certain range of cars is also stopped after a few years of stopping the vehicle production. Here comes the challenge for those car users who hang on to their older vehicles. Non-availability of required spares. We decided to get some inputs from our friends at Cadillac dealer Lancaster on how to procure car parts that are out of production.

Spare-Parts Websites

Scouring online is possibly one of the best things you could do when youare looking for that rare car spare. There are hundreds of websites out there who list car spare parts. You can look up the required part and even get to know how much it could set you back by. One quick suggestion before you check out your purchases though is to see if there are any warranties or replacements possible in case you are not satisfied with the part.

Car Garages& Service Centers

Vehicles keep coming in for repairs and servicing to car garages and this is another place you just might find that elusive car part that you are not able to find anywhere. Quite often, when the mechanics do a replacement of a part, they are left with the broken part which goes into the bin. Sometimes, a slight restoration of that broken spare could come in handy as a temporary fix. This of course is not the recommended practice but only in cases where there is no other alternative.

The Local Car Dealers

The first suggestion that came from our friends at Cadillac Lancaster who recommended visiting your local car dealer from where you got your vehicle or anyone who specifically deals with your vehicle brand before going the do-it-yourself way. Car dealers often have handy a catalog of spares pertaining to the car brands they deal in. Then can help you look up the right spare part or suggest the best available alternative if a required spare-part is currently out of production and if needed help you place orders for the spare from the manufacturer or a distributor. This is also the suggested and best way as you are assured of genuine spares and available warranties on those spares. Then, they are there to do the replacement for you as they usually have the required skilled and trained personnel to attend to the job professionally.


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