The Bajaj pulsar 150 is an ever-popular and highly successful Pulsar series with a performance commuter motorcycle. It has been fully updated to compete with new rivals such as Honda’s CBF Stunner and Suzuki’s GS150R. This model is designed with the all-black design theme of the elder Pulsar sibling which including the shock absorbers, alloy wheels and engines. There are plenty of stylish touches, including the smartened heel and toe levers and the bike’s newly refined tail for a beautiful look. Its updated razor-sharp taillight is unique and distinctive which perhaps the best part of the updated design. The bike’s exterior is stylish and sleek, an improvement on the previous version and it is unfortunate that Bajaj didn’t update the Pulsar 150 to feature the same split seat configuration as the Pulsar Bajaj 180.


It has a digital instrument consoles and it is also equipped with the digital console with digital speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and low-fuel warning. Its powered engine develops maximum power with maximum torque. The bike is fitted with a five-speed manual transmission gear box and which is equipped with a one up and four down configuration. The bike has a low revs, giving the bike improved pick up and acceleration. The maximum speed of the Bajaj pulsar is one hundred and fifteen kilo meter per hour. It gives an excellent pick-up in any gear and the strong linear acceleration. The Pulsar is a high quality ride due to its staunch shock absorbers. Its suspensions are designed to provide an insulated ride on highways and the bike’s seat is wide and comfortable for the drivers. The seat is slightly elevated above the driver’s on the pulsar 150.

The bike is equipped with telescopic 135mm stroke suspension at the front and at the rear is triple-rated spring, five-way adjustable suspension with 105mm travel nitrox shock absorbers. The suspension of the bike does a decent job of absorbing potholes and bumpy and riders should certainly stick to well-maintained highways and city roads to avoid the jolts and vibrations. The bike is equipped with 240mm disc brakes at the front and 130mm drum brakes at the back. The large, powerful front brakes and smaller drum brakes would not be an equal match for its capable engine, but the sized-up disc brakes are suited to the challenge. The brakes bring the bike to a quick and stable stop when it is applied with a braking distance from sixty kilo meter to zero kilo meter per hour and which puts it equal with other Pulsar models and ahead of many of the competition.

The bike has a tubeless tyre at the front and back and the wheels are made up of seventeen inch alloys. It gives a stable and comfortable ride on a variety of road surfaces and copes well with wet and slippery conditions. This bike will be available in four shades and the new shades have given a fresh lease to life to the Bajaj Pulsar models. The new shades of the bike enhance the overall looks of the bike. The standard pulsar bike contains a few accessories but extras can be purchased on top which includes seat covers and bike covers. With an eye-catching design and enhanced performance, this is an awesome ride for city commuters who don’t require too many additional features. The bike has made up of fine quality materials and the designs of the bike promote the selling rate. Overall, this bike gives a nice and wonderful travelling experience in the highways and city roads for all people. You can enjoy your ride with this bike.


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